Anthony Martin is the founder and sole owner of Choice Mutual.

In 2010, he began selling life insurance with American Income Life.

Unfortunately, that first position required the ultimate time sacrifice. Anthony found himself working an average of 110 hours per week.

Being newly married, this presented a huge dilemma.

On one hand, he was craving to build a career. On the other hand, he wanted to experience life with his new wife. Sadly, working 110 hours per week didn’t leave time for both.

It wasn’t long before Anthony began to look for a more suitable opportunity.

Later that year, he took a new position with a local agency that had recently opened. They only sold burial insurance, and they did it exclusively over the phone.

This new process of helping customers from the comfort of their own home was very foreign because he had no prior experience selling something over the phone.

However, it was very intriguing and he was willing to try.

If you ask him, Anthony will emphatically tell you sales is serving. It’s not pushing.

Most importantly, Anthony believes a person in sales must have a product or service of real value. Otherwise, its a con job.

That said, the truly successful salesman of the world all have one thing in common. They are all master connectors.

They faithfully connect their clients to a product or service that facilitates the customer’s planned goal. Anthony has always been committed to this sales approach.

As it would turn out, his consultative service oriented sales style was a real hit over phone. People were truly elated with Anthony’s impartial no pressure approach. Sitting on their couch, his clients were able to obtain an affordable burial insurance policy.

Best of all, they felt at peace about their purchase. All Anthony did was answer their questions and give them some helpful guidance. They decided to buy. Anthony didn’t try or have to sell them.

He quickly became the top sales agent in the company, and never let it go. In fact, his success created a model for others to follow.

After one year of top sales performance, he moved up to General Sales Manager where he helped grow overall sales by more than 500%.

It wasn’t long before it was clear to Anthony that there was an unseen void in the market. People were obviously eager to secure burial insurance through an amicable hassle free process.

Furthermore, they were willing do it over the phone under the right conditions. This epiphany so to speak, is what lead to the creation of Choice Mutual in 2013.

Despite enjoying wild success in sales management, his entrepreneurial spirit eventually got the best of him. He left his position to start up his own company.

From the very start, his game plan for Choice Mutual was simple. It was to always put the customer’s interests first.

He knew Choice Mutual would be successful if it could faithfully execute three fundamental trade principals:

  1. Give each customer respectful service by employing a truly hassle free consultative sales approach centered around education and advisement.
  2. Provide impartial recommendations to ensure each client secures a policy from whichever insurance company suites them best.
  3. Give each customer the opportunity to buy on their terms and at their own pace.

Since 2013, Choice Mutual has operated with these principals in mind which is why it’s presently the largest most visited final expense insurance website in the world.

If you’d like some friendly no hassle help finding the best funeral insurance policy, give us a ring.  Our toll free number is 1-800-644-2926.